ALICE the Ultra Girl

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Sinopsis :

The youngest sister of the Ultra Warriors LiLis had been
sexually victimized by the Maguda sisters, and finally a secret of her body was uncovered… Now she’s going to face the very last moment.

Maguda sisters’ harsh violation still continues to make her moan in humiliation of being molested. As her nipples and clitoris gets teased by Maguda sisters, she gets a fear of getting her energy tank destroyed.
Then Magna sisters see through her inner fear by means of telepathy, trying to uncover her secret with further physical violation.
After a ‘fist f*ck drill’ penetrated LiLis’ body, Maguda sisters finally tells the underlying secret of Lilis’ womb… The defeated heroine gets raped by Maguda sisters’ steely penises and receives hot dark energy deep in her womb, resulting in complete destruction of her womb…
The end is coming in front of the completely defeated heroine’s face.

Title: ALICE the Ultra Girl Japanese: 美少女ウルトラヒロイン Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Apr 21, 2018 Studios: @OZ Duration: 7 min. Score: 7.8

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