Harameyo! Nyaruko-san

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Sinopsis :

One holiday Nyaruko visits Mahiro’s bedroom.
If you’re wondering why, it’s so she can attack him.

“So… so here I go! Itadakimasuuuu!”

Nyaruko takes charge and pushes her sexy body on lucky, lucky Mahiro!

* Includes smooth 30fps 2D After Effects animation!
Lovely bosoms, buttocks and hands in motion!

* Hunter mode
The blood of a dark god runs courses through Mahiro’s veins.
When Nyaruko turns him on his incredible powers blossom!
During play you can jump into Hunter mode and turn
Mahiro from “uke” (submissive) to “seme” (dominant).

Title: Harameyo! Nyaruko-san Japanese: 孕めよ! ニャル子さんっ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Aug 8, 2012 Studios: toriihime Duration: 12 min. Score: 7.6

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