Junk Land The Animation

Junk Land The Animation

Junk Land The Animation hentai
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Sinopsis :

・ “Omae looks good for you,”
Akiba’s open cafe. Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Ebikawa eating kebab sandwich.
Two nerdy hobbies got a lot of loot.
Mr. Tanaka’s invitation to “I want to go to another place” is an adult shop.
Mr. Tanaka, when making Erika confessive to have a naughty underwear, takes him to the same room’s private room lavatory ……?!

・ “Escape of Omae and Atashi”
Mr. Tanaka and Ebikawa have sex education in the classroom I’m playing.
Mr. Tanaka who gets embarrassed quickly even though it is a play that he suggested from himself.
However, she was curious about sex and tried out adult toy bought at the adult shop the other day.
The two who couldn’t stand it would just make them etch in the classroom.

The members of Manken, who came to karaoke by the launch of the “Free Time” test and bibliographic work.
The only female member, Mr. Arihara, feels tense so as not to float up.
I drink cocktails to relax, but I just overdrink.
Mr. Arihara who is in a state of jealousy attacks all male members !!

Title: Junk Land The Animation Japanese: Junk Land The Animation hentai Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Nov 29, 2013 Studios: Pink Pineapple Duration: 27 min Score: 8.5

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