Kangoku Shoujo ~Slave Girl Breeding~

Kangoku Shoujo ~Slave Girl Breeding~

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Sinopsis :

Torture imprisoned innocent pretty big tits JK! Extreme insular activity that is unfolded underground with a large number of men !!

Shiori Kitano, who lost her mother when she was young, has lived with her father and brother, three people.
After my mother died, my father changed and became violent, drowned in alcohol, and devoted to gambling.
Such a father left the house for a while and lost his whereabouts, and Shiori decided to live with his brother “Kinno Kitano”.
Shingo dropped out of school and got a job. I worked hard to feed Shiori on behalf of my father.
Shiori did house chores at least to help his brother, and he kept desperately studying, waiting for the return of his working late.
A few years later, Shiori enrolled in one of the top advanced schools in Tokyo as a student of excellence.
On the other hand, my brother’s faith was also achieved by the hard work so far, and he received the trust of the company.
It is a life that can not be said to be financially rich yet, but smile still returned to the two brothers and sisters, and she has been passing a humble but happy day.

But that happiness did not last long.
One day, a person who says “Ogata” appears in the base of Shiori who had dinner as usual.
“Left to go was a huge debt of Kitano Do’s Shiori? Father, let you pay by you of the body”
and put in so told was Tatsumi car Shiori in unexpected tone that Iwasa the presence or absence, underground slaves themselves is managed and operated I went to the training facility.

Title: Kangoku Shoujo ~Slave Girl Breeding~ Japanese: 姦獄娼女~Slave Girl Breeding~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Oct 29, 2015 Studios: Crege Ace Duration: 20 min Score: 7.8

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