Manamusume wa, Mazo Seirei

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Synopsis :

Hiroshi Tsuzaki who has just moved away from the story family’s base.

A telephone rings to him.
When I get out, I am talking from my wife – using a long vacation, that my daughter “Vegetable” will go to see her.
However, my wife himself is not able to come up with errands.

A huge person who loses escape to a sudden visit.
Then the doorbell rang and I greeted the vegetables.
Before I saw it for a while it was a grown-up vegetarian grown to be a fairly nasty ながら while leaving an awkwardness.
In other words, the imbalance between the child’s face and the body makes it unnecessarily obscure.
It was somehow one day that I managed to resist the sexual desire of the vegetables.

When returning from the office to the room, my girls’ my SM goods which I kept strictly hidden were excavated by the vegetables.
Vegetable which comes closer while visiting a huge person visiting something as a disgrace.

A huge man who collapsed falls deeply with his daughter’s daughter like a wolf who caught in a sheep’s trap.

Title: Manamusume wa, Mazo Seirei Japanese: 愛娘は、マゾ性隷 ~娘だからって遠慮しないでね?~ PLAY MOVIE Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Feb 23, 2018 Studios: Appetite Duration: 40 min. Score: 7.4

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