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Sinopsis :

Rio Arato is invited by her boyfriend to a haunted place to have fun.
However, a lewd creature suddenly appears and Rio gets totally dominated and violated…

Videos in this product are shown in full-3DCG, multiple camera angles and animations.

* Contains multiple sex positions and finish scenes: blowjob, penetration, creampie etc.

* Expresses sperm fluid, heroine’s saliva, sweat, cunt juice etc.

* Voiced by Chiroru Ohyama

* 100+ cutscenes in approx. 21 minutes.

Title: Moment Japanese: Moment~花火咲き散る刹那、彼女に起きた事~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Aug 30, 2015 Studios: SYLD Duration: 20 min. Score: 7.6

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