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Yurika-chan and Manami-chan were best friends.

After school they were the only two left in class. Today they decided to do a secret playtime. They took off their clothes and rubbed bodies together.

“Manami-chan, your boobs are soft.”
“Yurika-chan, your down there place tastes good.”
“No, that’s not for licking, that’s my pee place.”
“This is our secret playtime. Remember it’s our secret from everyone.”
“It’s weird to be naked in the place everyone studies.”
“I’m scared but it’s a good feeling scared…..”

The girls felt so good that their privates got wet.
What’s this? Manami-chan seemed to be growing erect!?

“Manami-chan, why do you have a boy thing!?”
“I got this from secret playtime with a big worm in the park. It grows sometimes……”
“That’s so weeeeird.”

Yurika-chan was fascinated by Manami-chan’s penis. She poked it, licked it and put her feet on it.

“That feels so good! Yurika-chan, do that more……”
“Aaah, your boy thing sprayed me with milk!”

“I want to put it inside you, Yurika-chan……”
“It’s even bigger when you say that.”

Title: Naked Garden Japanese: 放課後 ハダカの花園 ふたりでくちゅくちゅ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jun 25, 2015 Studios: ByunByun House Duration: 14 min. Score: 7.5

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