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A beautiful, busty, golden haired, her appearance is what one would call perfect woman. That woman name is Azuma Haruka. She’s the director of Academy of Saint Orchis and the next head of Azuma family. She’s perfectionist woman who look down on people who can’t get perfect result from their work. It doens’t matter if they did their best or not, what only matters is the result. Originally, the students in the school is entirely female, the male students had to go harsh experience due being discriminated and trapped in a miserable place disguished as school by Azuma family. One day, Nishiki family comes to bring ruins to the Azuka family and the Saint Orchis Academy. The Nishiki family is known with their power in both business and political. With their power, they turns the arrogance Haruka and the female students into a full-fledged slut.

Title: Sei Dorei Gakuen 2 Japanese: 聖奴○学園2 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Feb 11, 2022 Studios: Gold Bear Duration: 29 min. Score: 8.8

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