Sinopsis :

It’s like a dream… I’m not a top-ranking university graduate but i can teach at St. Lilithila Gakuen, one of the best girls schools in Japan.
MC was worried about not being able to teach properly to the students of Lilithila who are known for their talents.
MC was transferred with the hope that he can find his trueself.

However ,their true nature of this school was so fierce that upset the enthusiasm and expectations of a new teachers.
The first lesson filled with expectations and tension.MC feels is complicated because there is physical education test for new teacher. They do footjob while being watched by female students.

He Cant protest against the school principal.He was forced into a situation where he could not even resign and leaving only one road.
Before his sperm die out. he will rehabilitating and raising his female students into a fine lady.
He finally convinced himself that this was a mission given by the God.

Title: Sei Gyaku Rape Gakuen Japanese: 聖・逆○○○学園 Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: March 19, 2020 Studios: WORLD PG ANIME Duration: 54 min. Score: 7.4

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