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Shalltear & Albedo – Doujin

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The cute kinky vampire waifu, Shalltear, and horny virgin succubus, Albedo, they finally able to vent their sexual desire. Though it’s unclear whether the guy in the video is Momonga or not. Shalltear is very flirtatious npc with sexy crimson red eyes. However, her breasts are completely flat, she’s been using excessive amount of breast pads to cover her problem. On other hand Albedo is a sexy virgin succubus with huge breasts. She extremely obsessed to her master, but nobody knows about her true “design” since the anime mc spiced up her personanility.

Title: Shalltear & Albedo – Doujin Japanese: Shalltear & Albedo - Doujin Type: Movie Status: Ongoing Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jan 28, 2020 Studios: Unknown Duration: 10 min. Score: 8.8

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