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Scary people are coming and wriggling with wow every day to Katsuragi Sojo, which is run by Aunt.
It is him that appeared there. I’m a detective ….
I am using a room instead of a work place, and I have a familiar atmosphere with Ms. Aoi.
In JC, when I was left to find my mother’s man, I was upset and treated me while being tempted.
It was nice for me to come to the old town from the city but I had no pleasure, though …
I always come by, such a little bit of my feeling for him … it’s just a bit. To … …… It looks like an idiot.
I did not think that there was such a thing … If it would be such a thing … such a feeling from the beginning … …
…… Today, he comes to my room. The apprenticeship of the young girl general I will come when I finish my work.

It’s good to be soothing me that I dislike it. The bullish point to complain is good. ……Stupid.
The hand of the person who manipulates the sweaty body of the end of work in a casual manner. I grab my tits and pick up my nipples.
Shorts should be screwed in from the side without taking off. I don’t like things that I don’t like many times
However, my body feels so hot and moist to the contrary … I
wonder, when I was cleaning the bath, I was forced to be pushed by that person, I was pushed up violently, it was soiled …
still I have to get back to work, I wiped the smell of that person and started to work with an innocent face, but I respond sensitively to what I am at work to the smell of that person who has remained faintly The body of the …… Even though he is in front of the eyes …
the shape of the person carved in the body, the instilled addiction … that woman who likes that person … I will change … …

Title: Shin Hitou Meguri Japanese: 真・秘湯めぐり Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Aug 30, 2013 to Aug 26, 2016 Studios: PoRO Duration: 30 min Score: 8.6

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