Archieve For Erotic Game

  • Musume no Shinyu JK to no Inkou – Konna Koto ga Musume ya Tsuma ni Baretara

    I am ‘Yuza Kiyoshi’ a very ordinary salaried worker. My wife is absent today. When I was sorting out the baggage on my way home on business, I heard a…

    Movie 7.4

    Collect powerful weaponry, Destroy all aliens and the Boss! Features: – Full HD 2D platforming action game. – Handcrafted sprites and animations. – 4 regular stages, plus one Boss stage….

    Movie 7.0
  • Chronicles of Prey A Demoness Does What She Pleases

    Malevolent demon bitches have invaded our world. Chaos reigns. Rape your way through the streets. Based on erotic action game. * Defeat female characters then keep on spamming moves to…

    Movie 7.0
  • FEJ Code

    Mysterious Painter FEJ, A failing artist with few paintings left. But his paintings became popular recently. Someone found there are strange numbers in his paintings. People say these could be…

    Movie 7.0
  • Cara The Blood Lord

    Animated adventure featuring a vampire queen and brainwashing! Several paths to conquer the heroine with brainwashing! The way to reach Carla to turn her into a slutty girl is through…

    Movie 7.4
  • Shijou Saitei Survival

    A large city that was destroyed by an alien who appeared suddenly in the 20XX. Tadashi Wakita, who had a large amount of living goods accidentally, makes a sexual desire…

    Movie 7.4
  • Magical Girl Yuni Defeat!

    Our heroine, Yuni Shirakawa was an ordinary first year student. That was until, she one day ended up with the powers of magic. Now able to transform into magical girl…

    Movie 7.0
  • Punisher

    Swords, guns and magic collide! Punisher is a stylish ero & hardcore action game. Obliterate the monsters of this world with simple moves and showy skills! 14 total stages (3…

    Movie 7.0
  • UnHolY DisAsTeR

    There is a country blessed with the plentiful vegetation and clear water in the western part of the Aeinxia continent. The prosperity of the country owes a lot to so-called…

    Movie 7.0
  • Summon of Asmodeus

    A serial abduction case occurs in a small village “Summon”. It leads the villagers to believe in a rumor that the abducted ones are to be sacrificed to a certain…

    Movie 7.0
  • Someone in Darkness

    You were fired and dumped by your girlfriend. Now you just want to take revenge on the world. Some innocent women are your targets…

    Movie 7.3
  • Exclusion Zone Hunting Ground

    2XXX. To gain information of a drug cartel,X is hired and sent to a jungle in South America. Many agents failed and disappeared before her coming. Unknown threats are there…

    Movie 7.0

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