Archieve For Netorare

  • True Blue

    Kanzaki Aoi is a popular high school idol who has a love relationship with her childhood friend and next door neighbor, Kurusu Akito. They are always together, even going to…

    TV 8.3
  • Blackmail

    Yumiko is a school girl wanting revenge for her best friend recording her being gang-raped. So now she aims to rape every single friend her former best friend ever had.

    TV 8.0
  • Ana no Oku no Ii Tokoro

    A tsundere high school couple have some fairly vanilla sex, followed by the very un-vanilla saga of Kyouko’s infidelity to her husband, and her step-son Takuya’s quest to bring the…

    TV 8.9
  • 1+2=Paradise

    When Yuusuke awakens from a nightmare in which a demon warns him that women will be his downfall, he discovers that real life isn’t any better! Having a gynaecologist as…

    TV 7,5
  • Oni Chichi: Re-birth

    Airi keeps her relation with her father but he treats her as an object sometimes which makes her angry. One day while watching a movie she gets assaulted giving start…

    TV 9.0
  • Taboo Charming Mother

    On the outside, it seems as if the Amamiya family of Enbo is a picture of happiness and stability; Yosuke is a successful businessman, having recently been remarried to a beautiful wife…

    TV 8.2
  • Dokusen

    Kaoru wants Kyoshiro’s girlfriend, Tsumugi, for himself. He meets Kyoshiro in a chat room and they make a contract. Kyoshiro and Kaoru will take turns training Tsumugi to be a…

    TV 8.0
  • Yakin Byoutou Kranke

    A side story from the original: Ai wishes to be a real woman, after thinking that she had dreamed her sister doing with the doctor. On the other hand, Ryuji…

    TV 8.2
  • Aniyome

    All his life, Takashi has been compared to his older brother, Satoshi. Satoshi is smarter. More athletic. More handsome. More successful. But despite the constant reminders that he’s “not as…

    TV 8.2
  • Nikuyome: Takayanagi Ke no Hitobito

    Mitsuko is a beautiful woman who had just married. She went to her husband’s house and began to live with his family, but it was the beginning of her life…

    TV 8.0
  • Haitokuzuma

    Natsumi lives the life of a happy housewife. She however lived on the edge in the past meeting many people and therefore experienced a dark chapter in her life. She…

    TV 8.0
  • Shinkyoku no Grimoire The Animation

    Royal Library in the Royal Academy of Olympus. The chairman of the library, Unico Winged Horse, was attacked by the demons of the tentacles. But a ball of light comes…

    TV 8.8

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