Archieve For Androids

  • Mikuppoid is my bride

    The maidloid of the latest model came to my old apartment. I started a loose life with this pure and natural robot who looks alike vocaloid. Fernandeath presents a full-polygon…

    Movie 7.3
  • Warrior of Love, Complete Destruction – Beautiful Heroine subjected to H-Ryona

    In this @OZ works, we have “that” beautiful android warrior. Enjoy as the “warrior of love” loses in battle, is subjected to torture, and slowly becomes a sex doll in…

    Movie 7.4

    The HAYDE* guys perform rape under the guise of a ‘test’. The video playback is approximately 5 minutes. AVI / MP4 file formats included. Can be played on both PC…

    Movie 7.3
  • Saucy Android Girl

    Live2D & Unity make the 60FPS animations move so smoothly! Enjoy life with this saucy servicing robot through this Live2D animation mini ADV. In the future, even ordinary people can…

    Movie 7.6

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