Archieve For paizuri

  • Rinhee Dark Elven Forest Ranger

    Dark Elven Forest Ranger is a character based on a KR famous mobile game called Last Origin. There aren’t many information about her. But there is one thing for sure,…

    Movie 8.8
  • Haji+ Shinchishin

    Upcoming Anime. Daiki is a perverted teacher who loves watching pretty girls getting embarrassed from his action. He can’t get enough of doing nasty things to pretty girls. His childhood…

    TV 8.0
  • Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan

    There was an all-girls school where the school provides male prostitutes for their students. Seika Women’s Private Academy, they known as one of the prestigious women academy in the nation….

    TV 8.9
  • Pandemic

    Mc is a typical pervert teacher who loves doing obscene thing. One day he got threatened by mysterious man, he told mc that he know all of his secret in…

    TV 8.7
  • JK Genkai Koubi – Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Nikuana-ka

    Upcoming Anime. Lina had to close her club because of the club didn’t have activity that related to the club’s name. But she doesn’t want to leave Shota, the only…

    TV 9.1
  • 1000-bai Kyouka Chinpo de Donna Onna mo Doroddoro no Ahheahe CG

    Mc was outcasted by his classmates, he always spend his day being alone in the school, seeing his classmates laughing and teasing to each other. One day he received power…

    Movie 8.5
  • Doukyuusei Remake The Animation

    This anime is an adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. Originally, they were 14 heroines in game, the main heroines in this adaptation will be focused on…

    TV 9.1
  • Ero-Anime With Oni Girl Nezu-chan! Heavenly Sex, Titjobs, Blowjobs!

    Ero-Anime With One Girl Neko-chan! Heavenly sex, Tittyjobs, and Blowjobs! ” is another 3D hentai work by the popular Studio Mukoneya, delivered in the beginning of March 2020. The mc…

    Movie 8.4
  • Himitsu no Kichi

    1.Mc helping his kouhai, Ayano, to work in her parent’s field. Ayano teased him by shooting him with a water, but situation turns awkward because Ayano’s cloth gets wet because…

    TV 8.6
  • Ero Ishi – Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai

    The story is about two close friend with their vaginal’s problem. The main character, Ueda, is a pervert obstetrics and gynecology doctor who records all of his patient’s examination on…

    TV 8.3
  • Konbini Shoujo Z

    This time our mc is a fat dude who suffers desperation because of his convenience store that constantly getting shoplifted. Since there were no progresses in the case of shoplifter,…

    TV 8.3
  • Zoku Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu

    The great war between two strong superpowers has ended with the victory of Dominus Empire. People of Elstein Kingdom always thought that their princess was an innocent and pure princess….

    TV 8.6
  • Torokase Orgasm The Animation

    On a summer holidays, Mc was told by his father to spend a vacation in his father’s native land. Mc was hesitated to go and rather spends his summer vacation…

    TV 9.0
  • Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni…

    Kanna is honor student at Kiraku High School, she used to be a girl with the most recommendation letters in her school, however she’s now behaving like a gyaru, ignoring…

    TV 8.4
  • CUTE CAT – Rookie GDoL full service! –

    3D animated AV produced by CUTE CATS. A girl joined idol world and begins her idol journey to the top. However, however, even after bacoming an idol her number of…

    Movie 8.6
  • Eroge de Subete wa Kaiketsu Dekiru! The Animation

    Mikoshiba is one of the member of sketch club. Lucky him that all the other members are all girls. The head of the club has nice figure and huge tits,…

    TV 9.1

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