Archieve For Stockings

  • No Waifu No Life!

    In the first episode, we have Marin, a woman who recently got married. She and her hubby move into a new house, thinking it’ll be all rainbows and sunshine. But…

    TV 8.4
  • Ichinose Asuna no Baai

    8 min long hentai parody of Blu* Archive. Asuna is a lively and cheerful member of C&C, known for her playful personality and her busty figure. She often wears a…

    Movie 8.4
  • Thrusting Senpai Who Acts Cute Only to Me

    We follow the story of a sexy heroine in stockings with glasses that gives a strong mommy vibe. It all goes down in a workplace where our main character, the…

    Movie 8.6
  • Kono Koi ni Kiduite The Animation

    The heroine, Tsujinaka-chan, is deeply in love with her senpai at work, becomes determined to cheers him up when his heart is shattered by a devastating breakup with his gf….

    TV 8.6
  • Rinhee Ganyu

    In the Genshin universe, Ganyu is a hardworking secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion. Even in the middle of her work, she emits an irresistible and tempting aura. The MC, who…

    Movie 8.5
  • So_low ~Futago Shimai to Kateikyoushi~

    Kasumi and Mitsuki are twin sisters with a history of causing trouble for their home tutors. The MC is the latest tutor hired to help them, even though the sisters…

    TV 7.6
  • Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu

    Shion’s life had always been overshadowed by the fact that he had yet to manifest his magical abilities, despite having reached the age of adulthood. He was left in the…

    TV 8.6
  • Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai

    Long time ago, the shinobi, those who lurked in the shadows and carried out espionage and assassination missions, held all the power. Ajisai, a kunoichi, was investigating a series of…

    TV 8.1
  • Seijou no Micchaku Chiryou

    This hentai is a binaural ASMR video that will make your ears and chin-chin tingle in excitement. a knight badly injured and suffering from the monster’s poison. He wanders aimlessly…

    Movie 8.6
  • Sasha Necron – Doujin

    The hentai parody featuring the beloved character Sasha Necron in a variety of mizugi outfits, such as the high school mizugi and casual swimsuit. Additionally, there is a scene where…

    Movie 8.4
  • Pervert Dirty Student Council President

    Attractive, academically excellent, and cool student council president, Mio Saotome. I confessed my feelings to her, the senior whom all students admire and look up to. “Well, that makes me…

    Movie 8.0
  • Majo wa Kekkyoku Sono Kyaku to… The Animation

    The story is about Mojikawa, a apprentice witch who just opened her own fortune telling shop. She got a talent when telling people’s fortune, but she’s bad at spicing things…

    TV 8.9
  • Reward From Makima

    The popular anime Ch*insaw Man has been given a raunchy twist in the form of a hentai parody featuring the much-loved waifu, Makima. Despite her constant troubles of Aki, who…

    Movie 8.9
  • Idol ni Saimin Shite – Hypnotized Idol

    This video has no story, just a pure hentai. The animation focuses on a well-known Mondstadt idol who is hypnotized to perform for her fans. She is a brave and…

    Movie 8.5
  • Raiden Shogun

    Raiden Shogun was wandering around while wondering how a baby was born into this world. Was it delivered by a stork after a person made a wish?, was it born…

    Movie 9.0
  • Huge Breasts Student Council President and After School Love Ecchi

    Mc is the secretary of the student council. He do the same work as usual. But suddenly out of no where,the head student council, Sumire Himegi-senpai told him to go…

    Movie 8.1

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