Sinopsis :

1. Tatsumi was sexually bullied by the member of photography club. He met a girl called Hatorijima, who claimed to wants to take revenge on the president of photography club. Later he got invited to her house, in her house he saw president of photography club tied up and unconscious on the sofa.
2. The leader of the athletics club, Kanade Akahori, is known of her achievement in defending champion of the prefecture, but rumour said that she does a lot of lewd activity in the club room. Tatsumi works together with Hatorijima to bring end Kanade’s lewd deeds.
3. Mashiro Ringo is a hot teacher who work as collaborator and informer of the Student Council, who makes Hatorijima’s enemy. Mashiro and Hatorijima work together again to expose the lewd teacher who got involved in dirty organization
4. Tatsumi and Hatorijima got captured by a group of delinquent from their school. When the delinquent leader ask about her intention, she replied plainly “I don’t like them”. Then their leader proposed a duel to Hatorijima to prove who is better.

Title: Harem Cult Japanese: ハーレム・カルト Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: May 27, 2022 Studios: Queen Bee Duration: 20 min. Score: 8.2

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