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Get ready for an exciting animated feature based on the beloved Genshin universe! Prepare to be transported into a world filled with lewd adventures and captivating characters, including the fan-favorite Faruzan, a sassy twin-tailed tsundere hailing from the land of Sumeru, Collei, a unique green version of the Lumine, Ei and Yae Miko, and last but not least, Ganyu, the adorable and alluring goat waifu.
Featuring stunning animation and dazzling art, this lewd parody is guaranteed to delight viewers of all ages. Follow the journey of Aether as he searches for his lost sister, encountering a diverse and enchanting group of waifu along the way. As the story unfolds, Aether finds himself irresistibly drawn to the charms of his harem, Each of his harem yearns for his attention and affection..
Experience the excitement and pleasure of Aether and his harem!

Title: Canzume Collection Japanese: CANずめ Collection Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: 2023 Studios: Canzume Duration: 22 min. Score: 8.7

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