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Aoi Midori, a diligent and prideful student, always strives to maintain her pristine image. With her modest characteristic and captivating smile, she basks in the admiration of not only boys but also girls. However, her image take a sharp turn. Faced with a sudden and unfortunate decline in her recent exam results due to an unexpected mistake. Overwhelmed by the precarious situation that threatens to her carefully cultivated image, Aoi quickly devise a plan in order to fix her current situation. However, her efforts are meaningless by the presence of her teacher, Izumi Kuwabara, who possesses a notorious reputation for her promiscuous behavior. Aoi was faced with the difficult task of dealing with Izumi, and it proved to be even more challenging than she had expected. But Aoi wasn’t one to back down easily. Without hesitation, she decided to use her most powerful weapon. She pulled out her mobile device and showed Izumi a video that captured Yoshimura, Izumi’s fiancé, involved in some segs activities with several students. Aoi had hoped to use this evidence to blackmail Izumi and gain the upper hand.

Title: 69: Itsuwari no Bishou Japanese: 69~偽りの微笑~ Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 2 Episode Aired: 22 Feb, 2024 Studios: Nur Duration: 20 min. Score: 8.1

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