Sinopsis :

A planet of water filled with sea 90% of the earth’s surface “Antares”

A unique civilization that made use of abundant resources developed around the capital “Ishtar”, promising people long prosperity.

However, following the invasion of the star “Betelgeuse” which has exhausted resources, it loses its prosperity.

Then two years later.
Special forces challenging the fierce terrorist battle to regain the capital “Ishtaru”.
When a strange girl appears at the front of the tense forefront, “Electric witch of the red” appears before the eaves, the gear of the car moves.

Title: A-GA Japanese: A-GA(エーガ)~激動の惑星~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: September 2, 2011 Studios: ILLUSION Duration: 41 min Score: 7.6

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