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In a fancy high school, there’s this super cool and perfect girl named Emi. She’s the student council president and everyone drools over her beauty. Her younger sister, Ruka, is like a famous idol and always the center of attention. But here’s the thing: their little brother, Mizuki, is just a regular guy. He’s been teased by Emi since they were kids and is treated like a servant by Ruka. But then something unexpected happens. Mizuki starts falling for someone. And guess what? It’s his own sisters! Emi and Ryuka, being oblivious, start getting more flirty with Mizuki, thinking it’s all innocent.
But things take a wild turn. Mizuki’s happiness is suddenly crushed, leaving him feeling down and out. Emi can’t stand seeing her brother like this, so she decides to take some something drastic to bring back his happiness.

Title: Anejoku Tsukushi Japanese: 姉辱尽くし Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 2 Episode Aired: 24 Nov, 2023 Studios: Petit Duration: 22 min. Score: 8.6

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