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The heroine, Tomomi Sakurazawa, is a beautiful schoolgirl, she known as the angel of student council due to her good looking. But every school’s idol tends to have a secret, so do our heroine. Tomomi was born with a strange gift. Her breasts keep growing everyday because she able to produce milf despite not having a child. Luckily our hero found out about her secret. Everyday the hero measured Tomomi’s breasts with a mobile application. When the breasts’s size hit to the point where it became unbearable, the hero let the heroine drinks his semen in order to secrete a large amount of breast milk. A dreamy sex activity with beautiful student council president begins!.

Title: Bonyuu-chan wa Sashitai. Japanese: 母乳ちゃんは射したい。 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Mar 04, 2023 Studios: Dinosaur Duration: 16 min. Score: 9.6

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