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The main character, Shiina Chizuru, is a strict honor students who harboring her feeling towards her teacher, Tsukino. In her school there was a corrupt teacher that embezzled the school trip funds. His name is Tomura. Not only he’s corrupt , he’s also a pervert teacher. He was being scolded by Shiina before for being too carefree, when he’s about to harass Shiina, Tsukino came and saved Shiina from being harassed. Tomura planning to take revenge on Tsukino by hiding the book of travel expenses in Tsukino’s desk, then he told Shiina that her beloved teacher is involved in embezzling scandal. Shiina who was shocked upon his remarks, told him that she willing to do anything as long as he won’t report Tsukino to the Principal.

Title: Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki Japanese: 千鶴ちゃん開発日記 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 6 Episode Aired: Oct 01, 2021 Studios: Bunnywalker Duration: 16 min. Score: 8.8

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