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Doukyuusei Remake The Animation

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Sinopsis :

This anime is an adaptation of the visual novel of the same name. Originally, they were 14 heroines in game, the main heroines in this adaptation will be focused on Misa Tanaka and Ako Saito. Misa is ponytailed girl who’s also the waifu who captured everyone’s heart in the game. Ako Saito is a humble and timid girl, she’s a person who devote everything to the person she fell in love with. The main character wanted to spend his end of summer vacation more meaningfully. He trying to get close to both heroine, but building a relationship is not so easy because he is not the only guy who chases them. He become a part-time worker during his in order to achieve his goal. He managed to get close with the heroines, he also finds out about their unexpected side and become attracted to each other.

Title: Doukyuusei Remake The Animation Japanese: 同級生リメイク THE ANIMATION Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Apr 28, 2022 Studios: Pink Pineapple Duration: 25 min. Score: 9.1

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