Furifuri Dempsey Roll

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Sinopsis :

At last, after 6 years Maerchen Dream has produced a new title!
Furifuri Dempsey Roll is finally finished!
We have put a lot of our free time and a lot of work into this product, so be sure to check it out.

Of course, the heroine of this product is Sak*ra. No complaining!

A new concept about Sak*ra, the heartful insult theme that
Maerchen Dream developed adds sexual scenes to the mix.
Sak*ra’s first sexual experience is with her brother. She screams as she takes him.
But since she loves her brother, she tries her best to endure.

“Brother….. Make me pregnant, gently…….”
Let’s ejaculate inside of Sak*ra as tears roll down her face!

Sak*ra’s painful first sexual experience will serve as easy jerk material for you.
What’s more, Ku**mi, Ma**ro and Si*sia also make an appearance!

Title: Furifuri Dempsey Roll Japanese: ふりふり☆でんぷしぃろ~る Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Nov 16, 2006 Studios: Marchen Dream Duration: 8 min. Score: 7.3

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