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Tara and Sayako recently met and started hooking up.
But Sayaka’s a got a little… well, you might say a huge secret.
To be specific, she’s packing nearly 14 inches of eyewatering huge c*ck, and once Tara sees she CANNOT UNSEE.
One day she yields to temptation, giving that meaty behemoth a guzzle that Sayako will never, ever forget.

Tara puts her whole throat into things, but her heart is hesitant.
She’s never taken a c*ck that big, and certainly not on another woman. Plus she has a boyfriend.
But her brain is wet and broke with visions of Sayaka’s throbbing f*cklog. She can’t sleep.
She closes her eyes and sees its engorged head cumming at her and she wants it so bad.
One night at a party, Tara’s desire reaches critical mass. She takes Sayaka by the hand, pulls her to a private room…
… and that’s where Girlfriends 4 Ever starts!! RIGHT NOW!

Title: Girlfriends 4ever Japanese: Girlfriends 4ever 3d hentai Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Dec 14, 2013 Studios: Affect3D Duration: 20 min. Score: 7.7

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