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Haramigami to Tsukareta Mei

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Popular Studio Survive released another animated comic, this time the choice fell on the manga “Haramigami to Tsukareta Mei” from the private circle Yolki Palki and Rororogi Mogera in particular. Hentai tells the depraved story of the relationship between the main character and his niece. One terrible day, his family dies under strange circumstances and the main character, forced, decides to take on the burden of raising an orphaned niece. However, soon, it turns out that the niece is infected with an unknown virus that completely subdues her body and mind. The girl is forced to simply beg her uncle for sex, because this is the only way to satisfy the appetites of an unknown parasite…

Title: Haramigami to Tsukareta Mei Japanese: 露々々木もげら Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jul 07, 2020 Studios: Survive Duration: 18 min. Score: 7.4

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