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“I want to make love with senpai… sweet hot nights… hee hee.

But, senpai just won’t respond to my feelings.
Even when I’m trying this hard to appeal to him!

Chinatsu says he’s staying late after school today.
I’ve decided to take him right there in the classroom!”

Sounds from the classroom: “Ahh, ahh, aaahh, aaaahn <3... aaahnnn... deeper, oniichan... more, do me more... nnn, hnnn, ahh..." ("What!? I can't believe it... Chinatsu and senpai... but they're---") *Ker-chiiiiiik!*

Title: Hiiragi’s Special Lesson Japanese: 柊の特別授業 Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Aug 15, 2013 Studios: blue arrow garden, Duration: 45 min. Score: 7.7

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