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Our MC, Ichirou Tani, is nightlife holic. He loves to spends his money on hostess bars who entertains him with lovely-lewdly hospitality. But he got caught for stealing company’s funds and spending them on womens, so he decided to make his escape and went to some remote mountain. But bad luck hits him, his car broke down because of the heavy snowstorm. He had to walk in the middle of storm to survive, until finally he found an inn and saw glimmer of hope. Inside the inn, he meets Rurie, Nakoto, and Ren. Rurie is a widow who’s also the head of family, Nakoto is Rurie’s daughter, and Ren is maid in the inn. Even being at disadvantages, he didn’t change his habit, instead he wanted to conquer all of the women in the inn.

Title: Jashin Shoukan Japanese: 邪娠娼館 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Sep 03, 2021 Studios: T-Rex Duration: 16 min. Score: 9.1

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