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This time our mc is a fat dude who suffers desperation because of his convenience store that constantly getting shoplifted. Since there were no progresses in the case of shoplifter, he was being blamed by his the shop owner. After being blamed by the owner, he feels great anger inside him. Then he decides strengthen the security around the shop by placing more surveillance cameras and cross-examine the employees in the event of internal scandal. The mc finds the suspicious persons and strike back the shoplifter after he found the evidence. After being finds out by the manager, the naughty shoplifter becomes powerless against him and have no choice but to obey every words he speaks. If they can’t pay with money, they have to pay it with their body!. And then the punishment session begins!.

Title: Konbini Shoujo Z Japanese: コンビニ○○Z Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Dec 24, 2021 Studios: Petit Duration: 16 min. Score: 8.3

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