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When he take in a picture of a human. The character data looks exactly like that and he can do whatever he want with that character. But in reality, most of his time are for having fun with an erotic prank.

The protagonist, Akira, also took ia picture of Mukatsuru’s class chairman, Miki to “Shamate”
and simulated her to make her daily appearance clear, but one day when he was swearing at Miki. Miki who angry with him destroys his smartphone.
On the way home, Akira picked up a new smartphone at the end of the road.

After returning home, he started “Shamate” on his smartphone to smash and hit miki, and Akira relieves her today’s worries.
When he posted the next day, there was a swelling mark in the classroom, the same place as her cheek hit by the app.
And Akira notices.
What happened to Miki in this app “Shamate” is happening to her in reality.

“Kukku… It’s becoming interesting…” It means that you can do whatever you want at any time. Whether it’s in class or in the city…

Title: Kyousei Chijoku Sousa Japanese: 強●恥辱操作 Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jul 19, 2020 Studios: WORLD PG ANIME Duration: 37 min. Score: 7.4

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