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In a world where women possess a magical power that is released when they reach orgasm, a villainous organization known as the “Ark of Evil” emerges to obtain this power. The Ark of Evil unleashes bio-soldiers to target young girls, causing chaos and panic in the city. One young woman, Maike Saotome, transforms into a magical girl known as Noble Rose to confront the enemy with her magical staff.
Although Noble Rose successfully defeats the bio-soldiers, the enemy becomes aware of the vulnerabilities of magical girls, leading to a dangerous trap that results in humiliation and violation. Despite facing defeat, the story of the magical girl does not end there, she continue to fight as they struggle to cope with the haunting memories of their assaults. Will she be able to overcome the trauma and continue to fight against the Ark of Evil? Only time will tell.

Title: Mahou Shoujo Noble Rose Japanese: 魔法少女ノーブル・ローズ THE ANIMATION Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Jul 14, 2023 Studios: NoFuture Duration: 17 min. Score: 8.2

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