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It’s a long time ago that the existence of many “different worlds” was confirmed.
In the age of research and control of each world, a new threat emerged.

The name of the threat is “kaima”.
These are monsters that have the ability to cross the world and do evil things for various purposes.

There is an anti-world demon investigation countermeasure station made to counter such world demons.
Fuso Kan, who belongs there decided to go to a world where orcs occupy most of the population in his first mission.

A performance full of expectations and motivation, surpassing the difficult trainee days.
But what awaited her was a male despicable desire…

Title: Manin Orc Densha Japanese: 満淫オーク電車~くっ! Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Aug 14, 2020 Studios: Apadash Duration: 1 hour. Score: 7.0

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