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Muramata-san no Himitsu

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Sinopsis :

Hentai anime “Muramata-san no Himitsu” is based on the manga of the same name by Igumox. The release is scheduled for July 2020. The story is set in a typical Tokyo office company.

“”Muramasa-San is a great mentor. Every time my boss tells me off, she supports me with her sweet smile. It is very easy and fun to work with. However, I keep asking myself, ” why does she always cover her mouth when she laughs?”..

Title: Muramata-san no Himitsu Japanese: Muramata-san no Himitsu hentai Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Jul 16, 2020 Studios: Jul 16, 2020 Duration: 19 min. Score: 8.9

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