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The story is about a hidden story in a fairy tales you don’t know. The first episode tells about a story of The Little Red Riding Hood. Just incase you don’t know, it’s a story of a girl who goes to the forest to visit her sick grandmother, but there were rumour about a creature called the beast who wanders in deep forest. During her way to her grandmother, the heroine met the beast. It is a big bad wolf or also known as werewolf. The werewolf takes her virginity and turn her into complete adult woman. After her virginity taken by the werewolf, another creature like lewd tentacles and some crazy bastard adventure are waiting for her. The another episode might include the story of Snow White, Alice in The Wonderland, and Thumbelina.

Title: Otogibanashi no Onigokko Japanese: おとぎばなしの鬼ごっこ Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Jan 27, 2023 Studios: Petit Duration: 16 min. Score: 8.3

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