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Succubus Appli – Gakuen Saimin

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Sinopsis :

Yuma Oda is just normal student in a highschool. He receives a notification from his phone and then opened it. A mysterious messages appeared on his smartphone screen. The app name sounds boring to him, he didn’t believe anything that related to hypnosis in the first place. But after he tried it on his classmate, he was stoned… it worked just like the app says!. With this app he get the chance to control any woman he wants. After i returned home there was someone in the bathroom, she casually opened bathroom’s door and came out while being naked. Her name is Arume Rina, she is person in charge of the hypnosis app.

Title: Succubus Appli – Gakuen Saimin Japanese: サキュバスアプリ ~学園催○~ Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 3 Episode Aired: Jul 30, 2021 Studios: Queen Bee Duration: 20 min. Score: 8.4

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