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Studio Survive has released another new product in the genre of animated comics. This time the original source was the CGI manga “Yonayona Gakuen no Kaiki-tachi to Dosukebe Shichau JC no Ohanashi” by popular author Yolki Palki.

The story takes place in the night women’s Academy, which recently got our hero as a security guard. Examining the surveillance cameras, the hero came across a girl with a smartphone in the ladies ‘ room. The girl was obviously engaged in Masturbation. However, after a while, she said, ” Hanako… Let’s play.”And at the same moment, ghostly hands appeared from the toilet, which began to caress and please the young pussy of the student. This girl did not stop and arranged a real seance throughout the Academy. She summoned ugly zombies, fat maggots, and all sorts of other evil spirits that, one way or another, satisfied her depraved desires. However, at some point, the monsters got out of control and our hero guard was forced to intervene. The girl was so grateful to the Savior that she told him her sad story and decided
夜な夜な学園の怪奇たちとドスケベしちゃう少女のお話 The Motion Anime

Title: Yonayona Gakuen Kaikitachi Japanese: 夜な夜な学園の怪奇たち Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: July 10, 2020 Studios: survive more Duration: 33 min. Score: 8.9

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