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Ane Chijo Max Heart is based on doujin novel by Tachibana, Pan (Story), Amakawa, Akito (Art).

“I finally celebrated this day”
I caught myself in my room and kept my nosebleed desperately while suppressing the desire to bring in, I was a talented and honor student, I was a student idol · Masashi.
Kira who is my younger brother and Ms. Masashi who lived together vowed to devote his first time to celebrate Kira who passed the same academy.
There is no way to notice such a sister’s ferocious eyes and return home as usual Kira-kun. It was Mr. Sasao’s big sister who straddled with obscene uniforms at the chest dew with the blood eyes that was waiting for such a thing It

looks down from above It is the excitement of the dresser who has repeatedly put up with patience Polar open mouth Peeping from the eyes and see-through Negrige, it was an incredibly tits.

Title: Ane Chijo Max Heart Japanese: あねちじょ☆マックスハート Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Aug 31, 2018 Studios: PoRO Duration: 18 min. Score: 8.8

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