Himemiko -Akiha-

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Sinopsis :

based on erotic action game “Princess Maiden – Akiba -”

This is a the s story of high-quality 2D horizontal scroll action game that operates Akiba (foxjin) and seals the youkai gorgon that ran away.

Main operation is normal attack with Z key, jump with space key, dash by pressing the direction key quickly twice. The enemy’s movement was late, and avoidance was easy. There is a boss as you go farther to the right after there are girls hung . It seems that there is no thing like a recovery item, so winning one and two shots in Zako on the way will make it hard to win. Just Kidding! its not a game version! dont expect to much.

Title: Himemiko -Akiha- Japanese: 姫巫女ー秋葉ー Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Nov 27, 2015 Studios: Soap-Group Duration: 5 min. Score: 7.2

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