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A girl’s body odor smells one room — a goblin official who is in a cupped girl and a gruesome smiling girl overlooking that girl
She is a witch, S. __ Mamba Balan who tries to exploit the semen of the goblin to make a new medicine.
But if
you are satisfied with the amount you want to inflate intake by using suspicious drugs made by your own creation, you will be able to hear from behind breath … If you look back A goblin that turned into a huge monster of libido with sexual desire caused by medicine side effects was standing
!! The
boy who gets scolded and giant in a small body is mercilessly beaten !! Little watch ○ Animation appearance enthusiastic where Sutsu of Litchu Okademia is disturbed !!

Title: LittlebitchInsanity Japanese: リトルビッチインサニティ~逆転魔女オナホ~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Sep 1, 2018 Studios: Abujan Duration: 8 min. Score: 7.7

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