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who works at Maid Mania’s cafe, thought that it was fun to wear cute clothes and talk to customers.
But my boyfriend, Ma-kun, not only enjoys wearing uniforms, but also says that it feels like she is in a naughty mode so I can see it.
While checking each other’s feelings, the first shot is your service in the mouth, the second shot is dedicated to the body during the creampie finish !!

· “Sweet Sweat prequel”
Erika Kurosaki is a student of the tennis club ace Overcoming talent. He won the national tournament many times, and his face is cute, so he is a celebrity at the school.
There are many boys who join with Erika Kamoshi, but she quits immediately because of her rant.
In such a case, one of the remaining male club members, Midorikawa Erika, challenged the game, saying, “If I lose, I will hear what I say”.
Although the difference in ability was clear, the ball passed by the side of the offended Erika.
Erika who decided to be prepared as promised, exposes the tits to Yabou … ….

Title: Love Colon Japanese: らぶコロン Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Jul 25, 2014 to Nov 7, 2014 Studios: Queen Bee Duration: 19 min Score: 9.0

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