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Mc loves to watch a ufo’s and space video, but he comes across something interesting when he browsing the site. He saw someone familiar on a adult site on the internet. Her name is Kahoru, she is mc’s classmate. She’s a smart and quiet girl, she has that vibes of literature girl from anime. who would have thought that the quiet girl from his class is actually a gravure idol? She’s also an honor student on top of that. Kahoru realized that someone has discovered her little secret. The next night mc wanted to mastubate while watching her lewd gravure video. Suddenly someone broke into his bedroom through the window. It was Kahoru. Mc becomes flustered as he had no idea what’s just happened, but one thing is clear to mc, he’s gonna have exciting night tonight.

Title: Mahou Shoujo Oriharukon Japanese: 魔法少女オリハルコン Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Feb 25, 2018 Studios: Shizukugumi Duration: 1 hour. Score: 8.4

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