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Kusuki have a childhood friend called Satsuki, they have been together since very young. Satsuki used to prank him a lot, but their relationship is about to change when Satsuki found a porn book that resembles of their story. Since Satsuki had a boyish look, she’s glad knowing that Kusuki is seeing her as a woman. That day, they graduated from being virgin. The next day, the president of literature club, Chisa Kanbara, placed a suspicion between Kusuki and Satsuki. Turns out that Chisa is in love with him too, she was rumoured to have sixth-sense it appears to be true. Chisa decided to knock Kusuki out and dragged him to a shrine-like place. When he awakes, he was all are tied up. Chisa who was standing in front of him, started to stroke his penis.

Title: Mesudachi The Animation Japanese: メスダチ The Animation Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Nov 25, 2022 Studios: Showten Duration: 18 min. Score: 8.0

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