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It is loneliness that I have not been able to take care of me recently …….
I wanted to see a cute sweetheart, so I brought him a bath!

Because there are lots of crowds, I asked Dad to introduce you to the pitfalls.
I’m not alone in the swimsuit of Ehime. Oops, Yaba Yaba.
If you fall in love with drooling, hey, brother. That’s good.
My uncle like a seasoned nori seaweed that makes such a sweetheart even more cute is also together, but it is a routine mischief of the plan.

It is sunscreen-painted and put in a daddy’s stick in a toro toro, but I have a feeling that it’s very embarrassing, but the nose blood of ana is also toro toro toro toro face shown occasionally.
It’s Rina who has been raised on a banana boat, but Ehime will be another etch on that side.
The banana boat sways sway according to the rhythm that is sloppy, and Rina’s other side is also swaying ….
Toma, cute Ehime is unlimited.
Well then, I was able to see the cute place of Ehime and it was a bit sunny and su

Title: Oni Chichi: Refresh Japanese: 鬼父 Refresh Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Aug 14, 2015 Studios: PoRO Duration: 18 min. Score: 9.0

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