Synopsis :

Kaede Yoshizawa is an honor student.
The daily routine is to start the class after chatting with the guard, Mr. Hiiragi, every day after watering the flowerbed.
Kaori’s partner, Hiiragi-san, has a daily routine of masturbating a voyeur picture of Kaede on a monitor in the security room.
“I’ll make Kaede a thing
Kaede’s best friend is Yoko Nishino.
My boyfriend is an athletic club, and he is a good friend of himself and others.
Of course, Kaede is also familiar with them.
‘s why Yoko couldn’t follow Kaede’s head in the sight right in front of him.
Happens to the empty classroom as is bought, …… that Kusuda’s Yoko and rookie guards are staring at the harrow cormorant appearance violently ……
“Yoko …… Why ……”
in front of the maple to be stunned and, bare It was Kueda who stood in his arm forcibly embracing his arm
with Kusuda-san, “I’m not Kaede-san, I hate being watched

Title: Nozoki Kanojo Japanese: のぞき彼女 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 4 Episode Aired: Dec 26, 2019 Studios: nur Duration: 21 min. Score: 5.1

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