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The heroine, Quem, is a fearless and ambitious adventurer, seeks treasures in treacherous dungeons. Today, she stands at the entrance of the legendary dungeon known as ‘Heaven’s Ladder’, an unconquered challenge. Undeterred, Quem dreams of being the first to conquer it and bask in its riches and glory.
With determination, Quem bravely ventures into the labyrinth, her heart racing with excitement. But fate takes an unexpected turn. She encounters a mysterious demon, its presence both intriguing and unsettling. Their eyes meet, and a surge of inexplicable energy courses through her, igniting desires she never knew existed.
Confusion clouds her mind as she tries to comprehend the demon’s intentions. This encounter marks a turning point in her journey, as she realizes that her pursuit of conquest may have taken an unexpected, sensual turn. The dungeon that lies ahead, known as the slippery becomes a challenges she must now face, both in her quest for pleasure and in the fulfillment of her destiny.

Title: Ruins Seeker Japanese: ルインズシーカー Type: TV Status: Ongoing Episode: 2 Episode Aired: March 29, 2024 Studios: a1c Duration: 20 min. Score: 8.3

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