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Kazu, a biologist who’s fascinated by the legendary lustful elves, has been studying their behavior for years. He inherited a vast amount of knowledge from his grandfather about these creatures, which he has used to seek out his ultimate goal – to encounter and learn more about the lustful elves.
Finally, after years of searching, Kazu stumbled upon Maana, an elf with stunning features – her curves, her soft skin. Despite her pure and innocent nature, she wore lewd clothing that matched her figure and made Kazu’s libido racing.
As a pure elf, Maana was unaware of the effect she had on Kazu, and he found himself falling deeper into his desire for her. He couldn’t resist the temptation, and they began an lewd relationship.
Kazu’s sexual life with Maana only fueled her desire for sex even more, and she became increasingly insatiable with each passing day. As their relationship progressed, Kazu set his sights on Maana’s older sister, Tiel, as his next target. Kazu found himself drawn to her as well. With his knowledge of the legendary “Elven Aphrodisiac,” Kazu was able to stimulate their sexual libido to new heights, leading to a wild and erotic encounter that he would never forget.
Their passion for sex was not limited to just the two sisters, as their mother, Mafnaria, who produced the aphrodisiac, also had a deep hunger that could not be quenched. Kazu was able to satisfy her cravings. For Kazu, it was the ultimate dream to be surrounded by these lustful elves.

Title: Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Japanese: OVA スケベエルフ探訪記 Type: TV Status: Complete Episode: 2 Episode Aired: Jul 07, 2023 Studios: Trex Duration: 16 min. Score: 9.0

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