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One morning when I woke up, I found out both of my hands had turned into machine vibrators.
I covered my arms to hide this from other people, but Misa from the public morals department took offense at this and called me to see her. I asked her to let me off the hook, but she wouldn’t listen.
In order to silence her, I brought the full power of my machine vibrators to bear!

This is a thorough erotic lineup centering on a machine vibrator.
Three beautiful ladies as well as a teacher in health preservation are shown in extreme obscenity.

The quality of the graphics, the animation and the erotic quality of the content are all improved over the previous product, “Gokuugo”.
Features a “Highlighted scene” function to view animation in slow motion.
Also features additional scenes of enraptured facial expressions and body bending.

Title: THE MACHINE BOY Japanese: 愛嬢学園マシンバイブ ~極☆動!EX~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Apr 30, 2009 Studios: 01-Torte Duration: 33 min. Score: 7.5

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