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becomes strong enough to take Kamenki clothes off When you fall into a dead land with damage,it takes off your clothes and becomes stronger.

Ryona H If he loses
he shows the cut-in that Rayleigh was bitten when receiving a damage even if he wins torture but also during insult fighting.
If it is even more negative, the torture scenes are directed with dots each time.
Even if you win, you are undressing against the winner Sex with sex with a semen bukkake following the practice of Ken Ken.
If you are too close to your enemies too much, you will do something obscene on the spot.

Title: Yie Ar Rape Japanese: イーアルレイプー~負けたら拷問勝っても陵辱~ Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Jun 7, 2013 Studios: TrinitySaber Duration: 15 min. Score: 7.0

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