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Sinopsis :

A righteous ninja becomes the seedbed of sprawling evil.

The world is passing from Tokugawa control into a new era.
In this time a repulsive spirit has proliferated. It strikes in the darkness without mercy, curses and consumes.
But there are secret defenders against such evil.
They are the kunoichi. These skilled ninja are endowed with the powers of exorcism, and hunt evil beyond the realm known to human eyes.

One such ninja is Sayo Shimotsuki.
To hunt evil she baits it with her own body.
The tables have unexpectedly turned.

Title: Kunoichi Sayo Japanese: くノ一小夜 Type: Movie Status: Complete Episode: 1 Episode Aired: Mar 22, 2013 Studios: softhouse-seal Duration: 6 min. Score: 7.5

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